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Telkom d.o.o. is a manufacturing company specialized in high-pressure aluminum die casting, as well as surface and mechanical processing of aluminum castings according to customer preferences.
Our components are found in cars, heating systems, agricultural machinery, small household appliances, and other industries where aluminum components are present. We have been engaged in high-pressure die casting for over four decades, during which time we have expanded our production technologies to meet the project requirements of our partners. We are an export-oriented company, as our main customers come from the European Union, with Germany being the primary market. Additionally, a portion of our turnover is generated in Slovenia and other markets (Serbia, Switzerland, Singapore, etc.).

We provide our partners with comprehensive business solutions, technical assistance in designing the desired product, and later in tool and casting optimization.
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Why Telkom


High-quality products

We rigorously oversee every step of the production process to ensure that our products consistently meet quality standards.

Customized and comprehensive solutions

We understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements, which is why we offer flexible solutions, approaching each project comprehensively.

Long-standing Experience and Expertise

With decades of experience in high-pressure die casting, we have highly trained experts who undergo regular training to ensure a smooth casting process.

Modern technology

We employ advanced technology in our work, enabling us to produce precise and durable products supplied to companies in various industries.

Collaboration with partners

We provide continuous support to our partners and customers, adapt to their requirements, and aim for long-term cooperation.

Fast and reliable delivery

Our goal is to deliver products to our partners in the shortest possible time, which is why our delivery times are shorter.

From inquiry to serial production

Customer inquiry
Technical inspection and feasibility study
Design of casting tool structure
Functional prototype (PPAP)
Serial production
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