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Specialized in the production and processing of aluminum castings..
Telkom Foundry, located in Trbovlje, has been engaged in high-pressure aluminum casting for over four decades. We produce castings from various aluminum alloys and offer technical assistance to customers in designing their desired products, as well as in tooling and casting optimization, leveraging our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the foundry industry.

We are an export-oriented company, generating 70% of our sales in foreign markets. Our main customers are from the EU, with Germany being the largest market, while we also conduct business in Slovenia and other markets.

To accommodate the increased volume of business and subsequent production expansion, we decided to acquire additional space nearby. Here, we successfully relocated part of our production.

We attract young, promising professionals eager to acquire new knowledge and gain experience, especially those who are passionate about foundry work and driven to seek new ideas and solutions. We recognize that the driving force behind development is the synergy between young talents and experienced colleagues, who can pass on their rich knowledge to younger generations in this manner. We also place great emphasis on teamwork and motivating each individual in the company.

Today, we take pride in our past achievements. We currently collaborate with reputable partners, building sustainable business relationships together. With a carefully planned growth strategy and a dedication to excellence, we intend to continue our successful journey and achieve new milestones.
TELKOM d.o.o.
  • Cesta Točke Čeč 45. SLO - 1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia
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