High-pressure die casting

Over the years, we have developed a passion for excellence, focusing on our core activity: the production of complex aluminum castings.

With our own machinery, the team processes 95 tons of products annually, made from alloys AlSi9Cu3, AlSi12, AlSI12Cu, resulting in the production of over 5,000,000 components. Proficiency in and mastery of high-pressure die casting technology enable the team to create products that can meet the needs of every customer. These products are characterized by a high level of detail and a demand for exceptional quality.

Aluminum melting furnaces:
  • Tilting melting furnace with a capacity of 2000 kg (UNP) - melting material AlSi9Cu3
  • Tilting melting furnace with a capacity of 400 kg (ELECTRIC)
  • Tilting melting furnace with a capacity of 200 kg (UNP) - melting material AlSi12
  • Tilting melting furnace with a capacity of 400 kg/ 2x (UNP) - melting material AlSI12Cu
High-Pressure Die Casting Equipment:
  • Automated Cell OMS 950
  • Automated Cell I 950
  • Automated Cell I 700 (2x)
  • Automated Cell I 560
  • EN AB 46000
  • EN AB 47100
  • EN AB 44300
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